Children's I Save

My Utah is riding the train with my kids and
ensuring their financial future is on the right track.

When it comes to teaching children to manage money, the earlier
the better. The Children's I Save account at Bank of Utah is a
great way to help kids under 18 develop meaningful financial habits
and save for the future.

Involve them in setting goals, calculating interest and using technology
to track their savings, without worrying about monthly balance requirements.

This account can only be opened in our branches. A parent or legal guardian
is required as an account co-owner.

Get started by visiting one of our Bank of Utah locations.

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Start Simply

With just $10 to open the account and no monthly balance requirements

Earn Interest

With any balance of $500 or more (view rates)

Learn to Bank Digitally

With access to online banking and the Bank of Utah mobile app

Watch Your Money Grow

With My Money Hub, which can help your child visualize their account and savings trends, and learn to manage their money

Make Deposits

With a visit to any Bank of Utah location or by linking the child's account to the co-owner's account, then using our mobile deposit feature

Contribute With Ease

With recurring transfers you can set up from your account to your child's, to pay an allowance or match their savings contributions


  • Open your account with as little as $10.
  • Make as many deposits and withdrawals per month as you'd like.
  • Sign up for eStatements to have your statements easily accessible within Online Banking.
  • This account automatically transitions to a regular I Save account when the child turns 18, at which time a daily balance of $100 is required (if a regular I Save account falls below $100, a $3 monthly maintenance fee will be charged).

Want to open a Children's I Save account at Bank of Utah?

Visit any Bank of Utah branch, and make sure you bring everything you need to get started.

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