Private Banking


You've worked hard to build your wealth, and you have a unique vision for how you want to use it. Bank of Utah Private Banking can help you bring that vision to life.

We help:

Individuals and families pursue financial independence at every stage of life.
Business owners and principal executives balance business growth and personal growth.

As a community bank, we offer highly personalized service. Your private banker will be available at your convenience to help with:

  • Personal and business account management
  • Credit options
  • Lending solutions
  • Retirement and estate planning, including investment, trust and fiduciary services
  • Business succession planning

Contact our team to learn about the requirements for our Private Banking program.

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Discover a More Personal Financial Experience

Partner With Your Private Banker

A dedicated advocate and advisor, he or she will offer the highest level of service always, from your smallest transaction to your largest financial goal.

Tap Into Multiple Perspectives

A team of experts, including wealth advisors, mortgage loan officers and business bankers, will work with your private banker to help you plan your future.

Access Your Funds More Easily

Your private bank accounts come with higher transaction limits at the ATM, and also on debit card purchases and mobile check deposits.

Additional Benefits

  • Rate increases on all your personal accounts, including Certificates of Deposit (CDs)
  • Lower rates on lending solutions, including personal loans or lines of credit, mortgages and investments made through our Wealth Management Group
  • Additional discounts and fee waivers based on total banking relationship
  • A single log-in that gives you access to our robust online banking tools for your personal and business accounts, and loans
  • Business cash management products and services that we can assist with, along with your personal account management
  • The ability to make wire transfers via the phone or email versus visiting a branch
  • Free Private Banking-branded spending tools, such as checks, debit cards and credit cards
  • Discounted safety deposit boxes of all sizes


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