Super Saver Mortgage Program

My Utah is a front door waiting to be opened
and a trusted banking partner with the 'keys'.

The booming housing market offers exciting possibilities, but competition
can be intense. That's where Bank of Utah steps in as your trusted partner.

We're more than just a mortgage lender. We'll guide you every step of
the way — from dream to doorstep.
With our friendly experts, knowledge
and tools, you can stand out in this competitive environment and make your
homeownership goals a reality.

Ready to unlock your Utah dream home faster? Our innovative Super Saver
CD can help you accelerate your down payment savings and gain an edge when
making an offer.

Open a Super Saver CD online or in a branch.

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Grow Your Down Payment

With a low-risk savings solution that earns interest and allows you to make additional deposits over the year, you have more flexibility (see rates).

Make Saving Effortless

With a recurring transfer option, you can easily set up automatic deposits from your checking account to your Super Saver CD, consistently saving over time.

Unlock Your Dream Home

With penalty-free access for Bank of Utah mortgages, your savings are readily available when you need them to make a down payment.

Get Expert Mortgage Guidance

With experienced mortgage lenders, we'll answer your questions, simplify the homebuying process and provide educational resources.

Enjoy a Free Home Appraisal

With a Super Saver CD, we'll provide a free home appraisal, saving you valuable money and adding convenience to your homebuying journey.

Be Prepared for Your Purchase

With Bank of Utah by your side, you'll be ready to buy a home when the right opportunity comes, whether it's in 3 years or 3 months.

Product Features

  • Set aside funds for a 1-year term with the Super Saver CD. Not ready to purchase a home after a year? Your CD automatically renews for another year at the current rate.
  • Open your account with a minimum deposit of $500.
  • You are allowed to add money to the account throughout the 1-year term. There is a minimum deposit amount of $100 for each deposit you make.
  • Interest will be compounded, and credited to your account, every quarter.
  • Access your funds anytime, penalty-free, for a down payment on a Bank of Utah mortgage. (For any other purpose, withdrawals outside of the maturity window will incur a penalty.)
  • This account will automatically renew at maturity unless you provide the bank with written notice of your intent not to renew. The written notice must be provided either before the maturity date or within a grace period of 10 calendar days after maturity, which allows you to withdraw the funds without penalty.
  • The interest you earn if you renew is adjusted to match our 1-Year CD rate (see rates).

Interested in a different type of CD or more tailored terms and investment levels?

While the Super Saver CD is a great tool for homeownership goals, we understand you might have other financial aspirations.

Bank of Utah offers a variety of other CDs with different terms and rates. This allows you to choose the savings solution that best fits your unique goals, whether it's a vacation fund, a child's education or simply building your emergency savings.

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