ATM Services

When you need to get cash or make other transactions outside of bank hours or when you're on-the-go, ATMs are there to help.

Can't get to the bank during business hours? Make deposits or withdrawals using Bank of Utah's smart ATMs, located at 17 of our full-service branches.

Can't get to the bank because you're traveling and far from a Bank of Utah branch? Make free withdrawals at one of over 40,000 MoneyPass ATMs across the U.S.

Find a Branch ATM Use the MoneyPass Locator

At Bank of Utah's Branch ATMs, You Can:

Get Cash

Customize the amount you would like to withdraw or select "Fast Cash" and skip a few steps by choosing a preset amount.

Make Deposits*

Insert cash or checks directly into the ATM — no deposit slips or envelopes needed (receipts will show images of checks).

Check Your Balance

View your available account balance by pressing "Balance Inquiry" after you've inserted your Bank of Utah debit card.

* ATM deposits are free for Bank of Utah customers with a checking or savings account. They are only available at ATMs located at Bank of Utah's full-service branches, not at MoneyPass Network machines.

How to Use MoneyPass While Traveling:

As a Bank of Utah customer, you can access your cash across the U.S. — surcharge-free — with MoneyPass Network ATMs.
Here's how:

  1. Find a MoneyPass machine using the MoneyPass Locator. You can also find the Locator in the Bank of Utah Mobile App. Click "Menu", then "Locations", then "Free ATMs".
  2. Search by address, zip code or state to see the closest available ATMs.
  3. Be sure to look for the MoneyPass logo on the ATM or ATM screen. This ensures you're using the MoneyPass Network and will not be charged a fee.

  4. Insert your Bank of Utah debit card and follow the prompts to withdraw your money.

Find a Branch ATM Use the MoneyPass Locator

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Process for Depositing Cash and Checks at a Bank of Utah ATM?

Making deposits is easy with our smart ATMs. You just insert the cash or checks — no envelope required. Watch the video below to see how simple it is.

If I Deposit Money at a Bank of Utah ATM, When is it Available for Withdrawal?

Cash deposits are available for immediate withdrawal. Checks deposited after 6 p.m. are credited to your account the next business day, but may not be available for immediate withdrawal. See the bank's Funds Availability Policy for more information.

Is There a Limit to How Many Bills or Checks I Can Deposit?

You can deposit up to 50 bills or checks in a single transaction and have the ability to make additional deposits during the same session if needed.

How Much Can I Deposit Into an ATM?

With a personal account, you can deposit $250,000 per day. With a business account, the limit is $500,000 per day.

How Much Can I Withdraw From an ATM?

The daily withdrawal limit is $515 for both personal and business accountholders. For those who have a debit card as part of a Thrive checking account, the daily withdrawal limit is $215.

Which Bank of Utah Branches Have ATMs?

All of Bank of Utah's full-service branches, with the exception of St. George, have ATMs. All are located outside the bank, except at our City Creek Banking Center in Salt Lake City, which has an ATM in the lobby.

Do I Still Need to Sign the Back of the Check to Deposit it?

Yes, endorsement is required of any deposited check. If the check isn't properly endorsed, a delay in processing will occur.

Are There MoneyPass ATMs Located Outside the United States?

MoneyPass ATMs are only found with the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

Need a Bank of Utah debit card?

Debit cards are offered to all Bank of Utah checking account holders.

Apply for a checking account online or in a branch.

If you're a current customer and would like to order a debit card, contact your local branch or our customer service team at 801-409-5000.