eStatement Promise

Have you ever needed quick access to an account statement? Perhaps you needed to verify a payment, compare your direct deposits with your W-2, or collect documents for an audit. Account statements are easy to take for granted, but when you need them, you most often need them right away. With Bank of Utah’s eStatement Promise, we guarantee that your account statements will be available to you electronically, and free, for seven years, even if you’ve closed your account.

That’s peace of mind.

5 Benefits of Our eStatement Promise

  1. Access, with the ability to keep your account statements on file electronically
    for seven years and request electronic copies, with no associated fees
    (even if you close your account)

  2. Security, with the knowledge that you can avoid mail fraud and theft

  3. Instant notifications, with email reminders that your account statements are
    ready to view

  4. Clutter-free, environmentally friendly organization, with no need for
    paper filing and/or shredding

  5. Choice, with the ability to download and print statements if you’d prefer

How Do I Sign Up for eStatements?

Some Bank of Utah accounts require you to access your statements electronically, for example, the Easy Checking and I Save accounts. Other types of accounts, like our Evergreen account or a CD, give you the option to choose paper or eStatements.

If you currently receive paper statements in the mail, and you want to switch to eStatements:

  1. Log in to online banking or open your mobile app.
  2. Go to the Services tab, or in the mobile app, hit Menu and then go to Services.
  3. Click on eStatements.
  4. Click on Delivery Preferences.
  5. Update your selection and hit save.

Frequently Asked Questions

After Enrollment, When Will I Receive my eStatements?

We will send you an email notifying you when your eStatement is available each month. Then, you can access your eStatement in the Services link of online banking or the mobile app.

How Far Back Can I Access My eStatements?

eStatements remain available — and free to access — for seven years, guaranteed.

For statements less than 2 years old: If your account is active, simply log in to online banking, go to the Services menu and click on eStatements.

For statements that are 3 to 7 years old: If your account is active, call or visit a branch, and after a verification process, we'll securely send you the requested documents.

If you have closed your Bank of Utah account, but need to access statements from the past seven years: Call or visit a branch. After verifying your identity, we will securely send you the requested documents.

Do eStatements Have the Same Information as Paper Statements?

Yes. You can even view your canceled checks as part of the eStatement.

What if I Close my Bank of Utah Account?

Rest assured that, with our eStatement Promise, your account statements will remain on file and will be free for you to access for seven years. Simply call or visit a Bank of Utah branch, and after a quick verification process, we’ll prepare your requested statements and email them to you in a secure electronic file.