Foreign Exchange Services for Businesses

Does your company conduct business outside the U.S.? Perhaps
you have international labor or material costs, or overseas assets?

Then your success in today's fast-moving international market
depends on efficient, cost-effective management of payments,
risks and rates.

Bank of Utah can help optimize your business's foreign
exchange strategy and, ultimately, your profitability.

Collaborate with Bank of Utah's Foreign Exchange Services (FX)
specialists to:

  • Streamline international payments
  • Mitigate international currency risks
  • Manage foreign exchange rates

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Bank of Utah FX Services Include:

International Payments

Make currency payments or convert foreign payments into U.S. dollars. Also send international wire transfers, easily and securely.

Foreign Exchange Hedging

Protect your business from fluctuating foreign currency rates by letting Bank of Utah fix an exchange rate for a contracted timeframe.

Market Orders

Set a target rate and let Bank of Utah do the monitoring for you. Rest easy, knowing the order will only be placed when your target rate is hit.

Why Choose Bank of Utah for Your FX Needs?

Bank of Utah is committed to your success and to meeting your unique FX needs, by offering:

  • Personalized service and solutions, to ensure your reach your business goals
  • Fast onboarding, with an open approach toward risk analysis
  • Competitive rates, for both buying and selling foreign currency
  • Experience and vision, with a 65-year stronghold in the industry and an innovative approach to banking today

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