1 Source Business Solutions’ clients describe the company as “friendly,” “on the ball” and “fast” at providing anything they need. Being quick to respond and providing exceptional customer service is part of the organization’s culture, so it makes sense that 1 Source leaders would look to partner with a financial institution that shares the same values.

A professional employer organization that outsources the management of human resources, 1 Source is headquartered in Salt Lake City, but operates in over 40 states. Because the company is spread across the U.S., the 1 Source management team initially thought a national bank would meet their financial needs best. They were looking for a bank that could make quick decisions, while offering friendly service and trustworthy advice.

What they found, however, was that many national banks lacked two essential characteristics: a personal touch and the ability to be nimble.

“With business, relationships are exceptionally important. Because of the large amount of transactions that we conduct, and the tools provided to us by a community bank, specifically with Jillian and Bank of Utah, we are able to be much more nimble as a business." –Justin Harward, Vice President, Sales & Partner, 1 Source Business Solutions

“We were forced to look at other options," explained Justin Harward, Vice President, Sales and partner for 1 Source Business Solutions. "We found that Bank of Utah, as a community bank, is able to respond to the needs that we have on an actual current basis, and is focused on relationship building, just like we are.”

Harward works with Bank of Utah Relationship Manager Jillian Weadock, who helps customers find comprehensive solutions to their business banking and payments needs, from maximizing cash flow to mitigating risks to preventing fraud.

"It’s been really fulfilling helping Justin and 1 Source Business Solutions become one of the fastest growing companies not only in Utah but in the country," Weadock said. "With their rapid growth comes the need for quick decision making, and as a community bank, we can make those decisions as quickly as needed. From my perspective, this is really what sets us apart from national banks."