Customized Cash Management Solutions Have Helped the Motor-Vu Drive-in Better Accommodate Their Customers

Drive-in movies may be a thing of the past, but one locally-owned Utah business is proving otherwise. With a little help from the Bank of Utah, the Motor-Vu drive-in theater was able to upgrade their systems without sacrificing the retro charm we all know and love.

Five years after the Motor-Vu was built in Riverdale, Utah, Howard Coleman started working as a lot boy in 1952. His love and passion for the business quickly progressed him to his position as manager, where he remained until his retirement in 1977. Two short years later, the owners of the Motor-Vu were planning to close, but Howard refused to let that happen. He purchased the Motor-Vu in the spring of 1979 and it has remained a family business and community staple ever since. The youngest of Howard’s three sons, Brent Coleman, has been running the business since his father's retirement in 1999.

Having been in business for so long, it’s safe to say that the Coleman family are experts in their field. Brent has a passion for tradition and film that he eagerly shares with the community, but the business aspect can often be overwhelming. That’s where Bank of Utah stepped in.

Motor-Vu has longtime ties to Bank of Utah, dating all the way back to when our bank first opened in 1952. Over the years, the bank has happily provided loans for Motor-Vu to make upgrades to their business, but we have so much more to offer.

When I started working as vice president of Treasury Management at the bank two years ago, the Motor-Vu was one of my first clients. For all the years the drive-in has been open, they have not had the ability to make credit card transactions, and as a result they have had to turn away customers who didn’t have the cash on them. Brent had been approached by several credit card vendors, but he didn’t want to take on a long-term contract or the expensive hardware costs.

Together, Brent and I worked to create a more effective money management system custom-tailored to fit his business needs, on a flexible month-to-month plan. Now, the Motor-Vu has a mobile point of sales system that allows them to accommodate all guests, both at the box office and at the concession stand.

At Bank of Utah, we always strive to earn your business. By listening to the customer and gaining an understanding of what their vision is, we can be flexible in finding a solution that works for you, and fits within your budget. Brent was able to use his own iPad tablets with a merchant swiper attachment to process transactions in both the box office and concessions. Not only is this more convenient for customers, this is a much safer option for Brent and his employees as they no longer have to worry about carrying large amounts of cash on them at any given time.

Working with Brent has been such an easy pairing. His passion for what he does was a great match to my passion for helping businesses grow. I’m happy to report that Brent has said, “Our new credit card system has helped increase our business. No more turning people away at the ticket booth, and now families can easily purchase our freshly-made burgers and treats at our Snack Shack. I really appreciate Charly and Bank of Utah for helping me find a simple and affordable credit card solution.”

If you’re a business owner or operator and are struggling with cash management decisions, I hope you’ll contact me. Let’s get our heads together and find a strategy that will help you grow your business.

Charly Owens
Treasury Management Relationship Manager
Bank of Utah

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Charly Owens
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