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When it comes to a mortgage, why does fast matter?

The average financial institution takes 30 days to process a mortgage loan. At Bank of Utah, we work with our customers to complete the process in as little as 10 business days.

The difference a 10-day turnaround can make:
  • A lower interest rate. You're in a better position to get the best interest rate possible if you can close quickly.
  • More negotiating power. When you can provide a swift loan close, the seller of a home may be more inclined to negotiate on price.
  • Be ready to buy. A timely pre-approval letter signed by an underwriter puts you first in line when it comes to negotiating on short-sales and foreclosures.
  • Get your re-fi money faster. When pulling cash out of your home, our 10-day process will help you achieve that goal.
  • Start living your dream. Why wait for up to 60 days to move into your new home? We're ready to help you settle in quickly.
If you're ready to buy a home or refinance, the Bank of Utah mortgage team will help you close quickly and take advantage of record low mortgage rates. Call us today at 800-516-5559.

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