“My Utah is growing. My Bank keeps me going.”

Utah's mountains might be majestic, but for Conner Atkin and Quinn Allgood, the real beauty of the Beehive State lies in the connections they build. Their car wash company, Tagg-N-Go, goes beyond your traditional carwash setup — it's a testament to the power of community and entrepreneurial spirit. This is the story of how two high school buddies from St. George ventured into car wash ownership and transformed it into a thriving enterprise that's bubbling over into Idaho and Nevada.

The Story Behind the Car Wash

Best friends since high school, Conner and Quinn found solace and strength in each other after both faced the loss of their fathers. United by grief, their friendship eventually became the cornerstone for a flourishing network of car washes, soon to have 21 locations, carrying a uniquely spelled name with a story all its own.

"A lot of people ask about the spelling, Tagg-N-Go," Conner said, laughing. "Tagg is obviously for the car wash tags we give to customers, but the spelling actually comes from an investment experience Quinn and I had. We had put some money and faith into a penny stock called "Tagg", and let's just say it didn't go well. So, when we were naming this new venture, the spelling was intentional, a little reminder to keep moving, even after a bump in the road."

Beyond its unique name, Tagg-N-Go tells a story of local connection and opportunity. Its 300+ employees, all local residents, find more than just a paycheck here. They become part of a team – a customer-focused, driven, and fun group that is constantly growing together. That's why, when you visit, you'll be greeted by familiar faces – your neighbors and friends who take pride in making cars shine and their community brighter.

"Tagg-N-Go is a platform for us to be able to make a difference in people's lives," Conner said. "Whether that be teaching customer service skills, leadership or being involved in some way with the community, it all makes a difference."

The Banker and the Banking Products

This commitment to service and to community wouldn't be possible without a banking partner who gets it. And for Tagg-N-Go, that's Bank of Utah and Mike Wells, his go-tos for seamless construction loans.

Tagg n Go
Conner Atkin (right) and Mike Wells stand on the site of what will be a new Tagg-N-Go car wash in Utah County.

“We said yes to Bank of Utah because their community-focused mission aligns perfectly with how we set ourselves apart as a business," Conner explained. "It’s all about the local feel. There are other car washes and banks in the area with a more national focus, but some things get lost with that. We're deeply rooted in Utah, and Bank of Utah is too. Their name says it all. That really resonated with us.”

In a business that values personal connections, Conner credits his relationship manager, Mike Wells, with going the extra mile, with regular check-ins, calls and a genuine interest in Tagg-N-Go. "Just having a loan officer that’s close and who knows our needs is so important. It's nice that Mike's right here in our community, not in New York or Florida or a different part of the world. It's just another part of that personal touch."

Coincidentally, Conner and Mike met prior to becoming acquainted on a business-to-banker basis. Conner purchased Mike's house in St. George, when Mike moved to Utah County for work. "I got Mike's mail for a while," Conner laughed, to which Mike said, "I think I even accidentally had a pair of shoes shipped there from Amazon." This unique, lighthearted dynamic highlights just how personal connections, shared values and a collaborative spirit can fuel success.

A Bond Built on Opportunity

Tagg-N-Go car washes continue to shine across Utah, and now Nevada and Idaho, with exciting new locations on the horizon. Proximity to a Bank of Utah branch near almost every wash has proven instrumental in facilitating the business's ambitious expansion plans.

"There’s a branch next to most all of our carwashes in Utah," said Conner. "It makes it pretty convenient for what we’re trying to do, to have a bank that’s so close and so local."