“My Utah is constant motion. My Bank is a steady hand.”

In the heart of Salt Lake City, where the pulse of commerce meets the open roads of I-15 and I-80, Great Dane of Utah stands as a testament to entrepreneurial spirit, family values and generosity. Established in 2001 by Bill Nehmer, the dealership has evolved from a modest doublewide to a state-of-the-art facility, specializing in the sale of new and used trailers, trailer leasing and rental, parts and accessories, and trailer repair.

"We're the only Great Dane dealer in the U.S. that represents Great Dane and Great Dane only," Bill explained. This gives his dealership a distinct identity that sets it apart from competitors.

The Story Behind the Dealership

The story dates back to 1982, when Bill embarked on his professional journey as a parts delivery driver for Salt Lake Great Dane. Balancing the demands of work and student life, he dutifully handled the challenges of his dual roles. Over the next decade, Bill's dedication propelled him from parts delivery to parts sales, where he quickly established himself as a trusted member of the Great Dane family.

Bill Nehmer
Bill Nehmer stands outside his Great Dane of Utah dealership in Salt Lake City.

By the early 1990s, Bill's entrepreneurial spirit led him to start his own leasing company, initially operating from his home. His exceptional track record as a trailer salesperson, however, had caught the attention of Great Dane, who recognized his potential as a dealership owner. Seizing the opportunity, Bill embraced the challenge and, as the saying goes, the rest is history. Today, the dealership sits on 11 acres and employs over 50 people; all five of Bill's children work for the dealership in some capacity.

"I've got grandkids coming now that will listen to the stories of their parents working here, and I suspect that maybe one day they'll work here, too," Bill said, proudly.

The Banker and the Banking Products

At the core of Great Dane of Utah's philosophy lies a simple yet powerful mantra: "Good isn't good enough." Displayed prominently on one of the dealership's walls, this value permeates every interaction, from customer service to product quality. It's a rallying cry that inspires the team to continually improve.

Bank of Utah, with its commitment to personalized service and innovative financial solutions, operates with the same dedication. This is one of the reasons Great Dane of Utah places its trust in the Bank.

Bill has cultivated a strong partnership with Bank of Utah's chief lending officer, Brady Fosmark, and leveraged a variety of banking products. From equipment loans that power his transportation venture to comprehensive business banking services that streamline financial operations, Bill relies on these products to grow his dealership.

"In the beginning we couldn't find many banks that were confident in what we were doing. As we had some success, that changed, and we started to look for banks that were more personable and weren't constantly changing personnel," Bill said. "We wanted to be able to build a relationship with the same people. Bank of Utah was geographically close, too, just down the street."

Brady has been a trusted ally for over a decade now, helping Great Dane of Utah secure loans and lending his knowledge and expertise.

"I think the reason we feel comfortable with Bank of Utah is because when we take a project to them, we go in knowing we probably can't get everything we want, but what I appreciate is their report back," Bill said. "They'll tell us the reason and then suggest an alternative. Some of the lending institutions just say no, and that's the end of it. I think Bank of Utah is a little more creative and definitely more responsive."

Community Collaboration

The dealership and the Bank even join forces for a noteworthy cause — Bank of Utah's Warm Bodies, Warm Souls clothing drive. The annual clothing drive not only reflects the shared values of the dealership and the Bank but also underscores the power of collaboration in creating meaningful change within the community. In a remarkable gesture, the dealership once provided its staff with new coats, and in turn, employees donated their gently used coats to the clothing drive.

Great Dane of Utah has now become a donation point for the Bank's giving event.

"We recognize that, in our success, we want to be good community partners, and we're always looking for ways to do that," Bill said. "There are many needs out there. We've also adopted a local elementary school for about 10 years at Thanksgiving and Christmas, but we were glad to have the opportunity to participate in the clothing drive, too. I like that we can do that with our Bank."

A Bond Built on Responsiveness

As Bill guides the growth of Great Dane of Utah, his relationship with Bank of Utah is more than just financial — it's a partnership. Bill values the quick responses, genuine care and insightful advice from the Bank, fostering a connection where success is a shared goal. In Bill's words, "My Bank is reliable."

"They're there for me if I need them," he said. "I can get quick answers. They care about my success. I have relationships with people at Bank of Utah who I feel comfortable listening to — if they say, 'Here’s a potential problem or issue,' I respect that. They have to do what’s good for the Bank, of course, but they really work hard to always do what's best for me, too."