“My Utah never stops. My Bank is always there.”

In the world of construction, the drywall business may not always grab the spotlight, but it plays a crucial role in shaping the places where we live and work — quite literally. Every seamless wall, every beautifully textured surface and every finish is a testament to the skill and dedication of drywall professionals.

“It really is an art,” said Scott Porray, director of operations (residential) for Kyco Services, a Utah-based, family-owned, full-service drywall company. “It’s something we take pride in and enjoy,” he continued, as he inspected the wall of a condominium under construction in booming Utah County.

From Humble Beginnings to Industry Powerhouse

Founded by Kyle Morris in 2004, Kyco began as a small-scale, home renovation business, mostly doing demolition and drywall repair for local homeowners. The company branched out from there, providing drywall installation for one Utah builder, then another, then another. Today, Kyco serves Utah and Idaho, and specializes in drywall services for apartment complexes, commercial buildings, custom estates, as well as single-family homes.

Brandon McFerren is the general manager for Kyco Services. “We are definitely aggressive as a company,” he said. “We want to be in multiple places and continue to expand into other areas.”

What started as a venture handling approximately 30 homes per month has evolved into an industry powerhouse that completes around 350 projects each month along the I-15 Corridor, stretching from St. George to Boise. As the company has grown, so has its employee base, which now numbers around 210, with approximately 100 subcontractors.

With the exception of Morris family members, Scott has been there the longest. “Outside the Morrises, he is our longest-tenured employee,” Brandon said. An integral member of the Kyco team, his coworkers consider him part of the family. “I started as a patch guy,” Scott said, “but I had a vision of where I wanted to be, and Kyle helped me get there. I was able to work my way from the bottom to the top. This company is family to me.”

Brandon’s friendship with Scott adds an extra layer of humor to their working relationship. Listening to Scott share his story, Brandon quipped, “Sometimes, if we go out to lunch or dinner, I tell people he’s my dad so they’ll give him the bill.” They both laughed.

The company’s family-like atmosphere is as clear as its growth model.

A Bank Partner and a Vital Financial Product — the Business Line of Credit

Much like crafting a sturdy drywall structure, building a business requires the right tools and allies. This is where Steven Drakulich, a vice president and commercial lender at Bank of Utah, steps in.

Kyco and Bank of Utah representatives
Brandon McFerren of Kyco Services explains a drywall process to Bank of Utah's Steven Drakulich
More than just an advisor, Steven is a trusted friend — a “member of the extended Kyco family,” Brandon noted.

“Steven has been Kyco’s guy for around six years. I trust him. I know he’s always looking out for us,” Brandon said. “He’s helped us through some challenging situations and tough binds. When he became our banker, he took us under his wing and really worked to develop a strong relationship. That’s important to any business, but especially in the construction business.”

Brandon explained that, in construction, cash flow is a constant concern.

“At Kyco, we strive to keep our business model half-commercial (multifamily) projects and half-residential projects,” he said. “While multifamily contracts bring substantial revenue, they often come with extended payment terms and complex challenges. In contrast, residential projects have faster turnovers and quicker payment cycles. Our financial partnership with Bank of Utah plays a pivotal role in our growth strategy. The Bank provides a much-needed line of credit that allows Kyco to navigate the challenges of extended payment windows while continuing to operate effectively.”

A business line of credit is a financial arrangement between a business and a lending institution that provides the business with access to a specified amount of funds. These funds can be drawn upon as needed, seamlessly, up to the approved credit limit. It’s a flexible financing solution that allows businesses to cover short-term expenses, manage cash flow fluctuations and seize growth opportunities. For companies like Kyco, a business line of credit serves as a lifeline, ensuring that operations run smoothly even when dealing with extended payment cycles and the inherent cash flow challenges of the industry.

A Bond Built on Trust

As a locally owned family business, Kyco deeply values collaborating with a locally owned, family-owned financial institution. Brandon highlighted the significance of trust and meaningful relationships.

“It’s a level of collaboration impossible with larger, corporate, nationally owned entities with stockholders," Brandon explained. "They operate on a different model. We truly appreciate Bank of Utah’s relationship-oriented approach, where we can see the people we’re working with on a daily basis or at least often, where we can grow together, leverage our business and both have success.”