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Start saving the smart way!

Bank of Utah has many great savings options to choose from, including: Statement Savings, Statement Savings for children, Insured Money Market Accounts, and IRAs. Whatever your unique savings needs are, Bank of Utah has an account for you!

We Recommend... If You...
Statement Savings Have smaller balances and want to start building cash reserves now.
Statement Savings for Children Have ten dollars, are under the age of 18 and want to start learning money management skills.
Insured Money Market Need access to your money, and want a tiered account so you will earn higher interest rates the more money you save.
Premier Gold Money Market Need access to your money, while also earning the bank's highest rate of funds. Other account relationships are required for this account.
iSave - Green Savings Want to earn a very competitive and high rate of interest, and help save the environment. You must have a personal checking account, eStatements, and Internet Banking to qualify.
Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Are saving for retirement and want a tax-advantaged account with secure returns.
Certificate of Deposit (CD) Want to earn the highest return and have the ability to lock money in place for different short and long-term needs.
Super Saver CD Want to earn a high return but also want the ability to add money monthly to the CD.

To open a savings account, stop in to your nearest branch or open an account online.

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Statement Savings Account

The Statement Savings Account is a simple account that offers interest compounding daily and credited to your account quarterly. This account is designed if you are looking to start saving. The minimum opening deposit is $200; this account is free when a balance of over $200 is maintained. If the balance falls below $200 a $3/month maintenance fee is charged.

Statement Savings for Children

Our Statement Savings Account for Children encourages those under 18 to learn about personal finance. With an initial deposit of $10, minors are set to gain valuable early money-management experience. This account offers all of the advantages of our Statement Savings Account with one extra plus: the minimum account balance requirements for the account are waived up until the account bearer's 18th birthday.

Insured Money Market Account

An Insured Money Market Account is a tiered rate account, so the more money you save the higher the interest rate you will earn. This account allows six free debits per month, three of which can be checks. The minimum opening deposit is $1000; this account has no maintenance charge if the balance stays above $1000. If the balance falls below $1000 a $10/month fee is charged.

Premier Gold Money Market Account

Our best savings account that offers the highest (tiered) rate, the Premier Gold Money Market Account is available to customers that have Premier Gold Checking and at least two other bank services. This account allows six free debits per month, three of which can be checks. The minimum opening deposit is $5000; this account has no maintenance charge if a balance of above $5000 is maintained. If the balance falls below $5000 a $10/month fee is charged.

iSave - Online Savings Account

Go green and earn a high rate of interest while you're at it! The iSave: Online Savings Account is Bank of Utah's way of encouraging you to save the environment. This account requires a Bank of Utah personal checking account, Internet Banking and eStatements. Only six pre-authorized, automatic, telebank or e-transfer debits are allowed per month. The opening deposit can be made directly into the account but thereafter, deposits should be made into your checking account then transferred online to the iSave - Green Savings Account. Any employee assisted withdrawal or telephone transfer will be charged a $3 activity fee. The minimum opening deposit is $100; this account has no maintenance charge if a balance of above $100 is maintained. If the balance falls below $100 a $3/month fee is charged. Apply now for the iSave Green Savings Account online.

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is a personal savings plan that, in many cases, provides income tax advantages to individuals saving money for retirement purposes. IRAs can also be established for educational purposes. An IRA may be set up at any time and contributions to it made as you like, in compliance with government tax laws. Bank of Utah can guide you through the laws and regulations that impact IRAs to help you determine whether this investment tool is right for you.Learn more about IRAs with Bank of Utah

Certificate of Deposit (CD)

With a Certificate of Deposit (CD) you earn a guaranteed interest rate when you leave your money in for a fixed period of time. Bank of Utah offers a broad selection of CDs. The length and amount of the deposit determines the rate of interest you earn. Federal regulations require substantial interest penalties for early withdrawals.

Looking for a way to keep large deposits safe? Ask us about CDARS®

With CDARS (Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service), you can receive FDIC protection on multi-million dollar CD investments through Bank of Utah. The CDARS program through Bank of Utah provides a safe and convenient way to access FDIC insurance protection on your money and can be a valuable treasury management or longer-term investment tool for you or your business.

Super Saver CD

Use our Super Saver CD to save for Christmas, a big vacation, or to jump start a savings program. The Super Saver CD is a one year certificate of deposit, with no maintenance each month. The interest you earn is adjusted at maturity to match our 12-month CD rate. Money can only be withdrawn at 12 month maturity. The CD requires a $500 minimum opening deposit, with subsequent deposits of at least $100.

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