Analyzed Business Checking Account

My Utah is a red-rock adventure and an
account that helps me traverse every turn.

Bank of Utah’s Analyzed Business Checking account supports
your established business with the tools and dedicated
guidance you need to thrive.

This account goes beyond the basics, with advanced features
to help you manage complex finances, optimize cash flow and
make informed decisions throughout your business journey.

Analyzed Business Checking can be opened in a branch.

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Elevate Cash Management

With access to wire transfers, ACH services and more, you can better take control of your finances and improve cash flow.

Bank on the Go

With our secure online and mobile banking platform, you can manage your accounts anytime, anywhere.

Experience Superior Security

With a multi-layered security approach, including dark web monitoring for your debit card, you can have peace of mind.

Maximize Spending & Efficiency

With a rewards debit card offering smart ATM transactions, you can save both time and money.

Modernize Payments

With advanced Merchant Services payment tools offered at preferred Bank of Utah pricing, you can streamline and save.

Build Relationships

With a trustworthy, knowledgeable banker by your side, offering tailored guidance, you can be sure your goals will be supported.

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Unlock your money's potential. Link your Analyzed account to a sweep account, and put your cash to work.

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Get the right fit: Open your Analyzed Business Checking Account in branch.

The Analyzed Business Checking Account goes beyond simple transactions. Our branch teams are here to understand your unique business needs, helping you leverage the account's features to optimize your cash flow and make smarter financial decisions.

Opening your account in branch allows for a personalized setup to ensure the Analyzed Checking Account works seamlessly for your business.

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1The Analyzed Business Checking Account has an $8 monthly service charge, as well as fees based on account activity and certain services.

2The bank offers an earnings credit that can offset or reduce your monthly service charge and certain activity fees. Earnings credits are calculated based on your account balance in eligible deposit accounts.

For information on the fees associated with this account, please refer to our fee schedule. Talk to a banker to learn more how to qualify for earnings credits.