Fee Schedule

Description Fee
Account balancing assistance $10.00/hour
Account research $15.00/hour
Cash Advance - Customer Free
Cash Advance - Non-customer $5.00 or 1%, whichever is greater
Cashier’s Checks - Customer $3.00
Cashier’s Checks - Non-customer $5.00
Charge back fee $5.00/each
Check Printing (depends on style and quantity of check ordered) Varies
Collection Items (any fees from our processor are also charged to the customer) $15.00
Daily overdraft (begins on 2nd business day account is over-drafted)
$0.01 - $999.99 $3.00
$1,000.00 - $9,999.99 $7.50
$10,000 and greater $20.00
Debit Card Replacement $5.00
Dormant fee (no activity for 12 mos/DDA and 36 mos/Savings) $3.00/monthly
Early closure (within 90 days of account opening) $25.00
Execution processing $75.00
Garnishment processing $75.00
Levy processing $75.00
Money Orders - Customer $2.00
Money Orders - Non-customer $4.00
NSF returned item fee $25.00/each
Notary Service (for Non-Customers) $5.00/signature
Official Checks - Customer $3.00/each
Official Checks - Non-customer $5.00/each
Online Banking Wire Transfers - Outgoing $10.00
Online Banking Wire Transfers - Foreign $25.00
Overdraft paid item fee $25.00/each
Photocopies/fax $1.00/page
Safe Deposit Boxes (not all sizes available at each branch)
Key Deposit (returned when 2 keys are returned to bank) $10.00/year
3x5 $15.00/year
5x5 $25.00/year
3x10 $30.00/year
5x10 $50.00/year
10x10 $100.00/year
Vault (Main Branch Only) $130.00/year
Drilling Fee $90.00 - $200.00/year
Stop payments fee $25.00/each
Wire transfers - Incoming $12.00
Wire transfers - Outgoing $15.00
Wire transfers - Foreign out wire fee $35.00