Close Your Home Loan FAAAAAST!

While some lenders can take a month or longer to process a loan, Bank of Utah closes loans in half the time.

What difference does faaaaast make? Cutting your processing time in half can give you:

  • A lower interest rate. You're in a better position to lock in the best interest rate possible when you can close quickly.
  • More negotiating power. When you can provide a quick settlement, the seller of a home may be more inclined to accept your offer above others.
  • Availability to buy. A timely pre-approval letter can put you first in line when it comes to negotiating your purchase.
  • Re-fi money faster. When pulling cash out of your home, our process will help you achieve your goal and access your equity faster.
  • Live your dream now. Why wait 60 days or longer to move? We're ready to help you settle into your new home quickly.

If you're ready to purchase a home and take advantage of today’s low rates or access your home’s equity, Bank of Utah will help you close faaaaast!

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