Broker Approval Process

As an approved broker, you'll be able to work with Bank of Utah to serve your UHC clients with speed, ease and convenience.

Follow these steps to become an approved broker:

  • illustrated checklist on clipboard

    1. Review/sign the broker approval checklist here

  • illustrated computer with upload arrow 2. Upload your required documents
  • illustrated tabbed notebook

    3. Review/sign the broker agreement form here

What to Expect During the Broker Approval Process

After you've completed the steps above:

  1. Bank of Utah will review and provide an approval response within 5 business days.
  2. Once you are approved, Bank of Utah will sign and send you a finalized copy of your broker agreement.
  3. Bank of Utah will send instructions on how to submit Utah Housing Corporation loans.
  4. You can then request a training phone call with Bank of Utah for your originating team. This isn't required but is helpful to learn more about the UHC loan process.
  5. You will then be ready to submit loans to Bank of Utah.

For more information, call 801-409-5056.

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