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A man runs up a mountainside With a Bank of Utah Certificate of Deposit, you get guaranteed returns on your investment, and with our special Promo CDs, you can reach even greater heights with your money.

Take Advantage of Our Online-Only CD Rates

    Open in as few as 5 minutes.
    Deposit $100,000 or more to open a Jumbo CD and get a 5.00% APY for a 15-month term.
    Deposit $10,000-$99,999 to open a Standard CD and get 4.50% APY for a 15-month term.
    Open with funds from an account outside of Bank of Utah to be guaranteed the rate.

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CD Highlights

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    Enjoy a Competitive, Guaranteed Rate
    Earn more in interest and reach your savings goals faster, with predictable, risk-free earnings.

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    Bank Digitally and Personally
    Access a robust suite of digital account tools, and connect with friendly banking experts.

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    Open Your Account Safely
    Be confident that our secure banking technology protects you throughout the process. Learn more here.


Opening an account is quick and easy and can be done in as little as 5 minutes.

Here's a short glimpse of the process:

  1. Provide your personal information; just a few basics – no documentation needed.
  2. Make your initial deposit into the account, with funds from an account outside of Bank of Utah to be guaranteed the rate. Using a combination of either an account number and routing number OR username and password from another institution, transfer funds easily within the digital application.
  3. Read and agree to the disclosures associated with the account.
  4. Opt into eStatements if you'd like.
  5. Check your email for confirmation or next steps.

Open a Jumbo CD   Open a Standard CD

Bank of Utah is Recognized by BauerFinancial as a 5-Star Bank*

Bauer Financial Bank of Utah 5-Star Rating award

*BauerFinancial, Inc. is a national financial company that provides unbiased, independent star-ratings.

A Little More About This CD Promotion

  1. The 15-month Promos CDs must be opened online, and with money from an account outside of Bank of Utah, to be guaranteed the promotional rates.

  2. You must deposit $100,000 to open the Jumbo CD account and $10,000 to open the standard 15-month CD.

  3. The interest rate for a Promo CD less than $100,000 is 4.43% with an annual percentage yield of 4.50%. The interest rate for a Promo CD over $100,000 is 4.91% with an annual percentage yield of 5.00%. The annual percentage yield assumes that interest remains on deposit until maturity. A withdrawal of interest will reduce earnings.

  4. You must maintain a minimum balance of $100,000 in a Jumbo CD each day and $10,000 in the standard 15-month CD each day to obtain the disclosed annual percentage yield.

  5. The interest rate on your account will be paid until first maturity.

  6. We use the daily balance method to calculate the interest on your account. This method applies a daily periodic rate to the principal in the account each day.

  7. Interest begins to accrue on the business day you deposit noncash items (for example, checks).

  8. Early withdrawal penalties (a penalty may be imposed for withdrawals before maturity):

    • Since the term is longer than one year, the fee we may impose will equal 182 days interest on the amount withdrawn subject to penalty.

    In certain circumstances such as the death or incompetence of an owner of this account, the law permits, or in some cases requires, the waiver of the early withdrawal penalty. Other exceptions may also apply, for example, if this is part of an IRA or other tax-deferred savings plan.

  9. The annual percentage yield assumes interest will remain on deposit until maturity. A withdrawal will reduce earnings.

  10. If you prevent renewal, interest will not accrue after final maturity. Your CD will automatically renew as your original term, beginning on the maturity date. The interest rate will be the same we offer on new time deposits on the maturity date, which have the same term, minimum balance (if any) and other features as the original time deposit. You will have 10 calendar days after maturity to withdraw the funds without a penalty.


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