Contactless Debit Cards

Make secure, touch-free payments with your Bank of Utah debit card. Featuring contactless technology, you can check out simply by tapping your card over a contactless-enabled payment terminal, rather than swiping your card or inserting it into a chip reader.

Benefits of a Contactless Debit Card

  • It's safe. For each transaction, your contactless card securely generates a unique one-time "digital" card number that encrypts your card information, which is extremely effective in reducing counterfeit fraud.
  • It's designed for security. The card features your name and account number on the back rather than the front, which keeps your information out of sight when you're making purchases in public places.
  • It's convenient. Thousands of retailers across the U.S. accept contactless payments. You can find contactless technology in grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, restaurants and more.
  • It's touch-free. Reduce the amount of contact you have with public surfaces by tapping the card itself, or connecting your card to your digital wallet — Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay — and tapping your mobile phone.

How Do I Know My Card is Contactless?

Look for the contactless symbol on the back of your card: Bank of Utah Contactless Debit Card logo

Bank of Utah Contactless Debit Card

How Do I Tap to Pay?


Look for the contactless symbol on the store's checkout terminal.


When prompted, tap, or hover, your card or phone, 1 to 2 inches over the terminal.


Check that your payment has been confirmed (it should only take seconds).

When Do I Get My Contactless Card?

If you open a new Bank of Utah checking account, you will be issued a contactless card. If you are an existing card holder, you will receive your new contactless card when your current card expires.

You can also customize your debit card. Your custom-designed card will replace your existing card and will also be contactless.

Don’t have a Bank of Utah checking account?

Every Bank of Utah checking account comes with a debit card. We have a variety of account options — some you can even open online in just 5 minutes or less — making it easy to find one that meets your unique needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if the Retailer Doesn't Have a Contactless Terminal, or What if I Don't Want to Use the Contactless Technology?

Your contactless card is still equipped with EMV chip technology and a magnetic strip, which means you can insert your card to pay, or even swipe it if the terminal allows.

Can I Unknowingly Make a Purchase if I am in Close Proximity to a Contactless Terminal?

No, the technology requires the merchant to initiate the payment. Also, the card must be tapped within 1 to 2 inches of the terminal in order for the transaction to be successful.

Will I Need to Enter My PIN?

Your Bank of Utah contactless debit card is set up NOT  to require your PIN when you tap to pay at a contactless terminal. However, some retailers may still require a PIN. Also, if you insert or swipe your card, you may need to enter your PIN.