Spencer Richins and Eric DeFries were among the third graduating class of the UBA Executive Development Program. Graduates were honored at the UBA 5th Annual Bank Executive Winter Conference recently in Salt Lake City. This is the third commencement in a program developed by the UBA to enhance and expand future banking executives understanding of all aspects of finance and leadership.

The Executive Development Program is a comprehensive course designed to cultivate the next generation of banking leaders. Exceptional instructors, with years of industry insights and experience, facilitate interactive course sessions that focus on the important economic, regulatory and competitive pressures
facing the industry today.

Each month throughout 2015, the bankers attended daylong classes on a wide range of banking topics. According to UBA President Howard Headlee, “The cross-disciplinary curriculum provides a 30,000-foot perspective of the banking industry.” “The course provides broad exposure to different disciplines
within banking organizations,” Headlee said. It also provides the bankers with introductions to colleagues at other banking institutions and future networking opportunities.