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Some lenders will tell you just what you want to hear to get your business. What they don't realize is that this just ends up hurting them in the long run when their clients get to the closing table a week late, and their payment and closing costs are higher than they were told. This is contrary to my philosophy on mortgage lending.

My philosophy on mortgage lending is to tell the truth and follow through on my promises. This means that we close on time and that you will get the great rate and fees that you were expecting. This also means that I will keep you in the loop and communicate with you constantly so that you can have the peace of mind that your home financing is on schedule. I believe that if my clients call me for an update before I call them then I am not doing my job.

Your mortgage is much more than just a number for me. My goal on every transaction is to exceed your expectations so that you will consider me your lender for life, as well as resource for your friends and family.

Give me a call anytime. I'm available on my cell phone at 435-770-2709.

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