Bank Of Utah
New Internet Banking Business FAQ
Welcome to new Internet banking at Bank of Utah! Following are tips to help you begin taking advantage of Combined Account Access, Enhanced Cash Management Features and much more.
How do I enroll in new Internet banking?
Simply go to and enter your current login information in the login area. You will be directed to an enrollment page to set up new login information and security questions.
Do I still need a business login token?
Yes. We now provide our customers with VeriSign tokens (in place of Vasco tokens) for secure online cash management. Vasco tokens may be used to access the old system until September 30, 2011. For more info on security tokens, or to activate your VeriSign token, visit our token page
How do I set up my Finance Center?
The finance center within Internet banking offers a combined summary of your accounts at Bank of Utah and other financial institutions. You can add bank accounts (i.e., checking and savings), credit cards, investments, loans, mortgages and rewards programs for a complete financial overview.
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Will I still have Quicken and QuickBooks download capability?
Yes, you will be able to connect Quicken and QuickBooks with the new Internet banking system. To set up your Intuit product to pull your account data from the new system, or to update your account settings, visit our Intuit conversion page
How do I start using new Business Bill Pay?
To enroll, log in to your Internet banking account and click 'New Bill Pay.' You will be required to set up a separate user name and password for bill pay. For security reasons, please allow 10 business days for your enrollment to be approved. Businesses using the previous bill pay system should have transitioned all of your bill pay activities to the new system. Learn more
How do I set up Notify Me Alerts?
To receive alerts via email or text message regarding account activity, general messaging and security, visit the Notify Me Alerts tab within Internet banking. Any alerts created in the old Internet banking system will be disabled. Learn more
Will I have mobile banking capability?
Bank of Utah customers are able to use a mobile device for secure, convenient account management.
How secure is my Internet banking activity?
Very! Bank of Utah's Internet banking system protects your data with the most current security technology available. In place of personalized security images, we now use a robust multi-factor authentication system with "hidden" security checks, meaning a simpler login process for you. Our system also uses high-end firewalls and exclusive encryption software to prevent outside interference. Read our security statement
For your security while using online cash management features, you will be required to use a VeriSign security token. This is provided to you by the Bank. Learn about security tokens
What is 128-bit encryption?
A 128-bit encryption means there are 2128 possible keys that could fit into the lock that holds your account information, but only one that works for each Internet banking session. (Try that on your calculator!)
This level of encryption is so powerful that the U.S. government lists this encryption as a federal munition, meaning browsers that offer it can only be used and downloaded by citizens and permanent resident of the United States and Canada.
Will I have to upgrade my browser?
If your browser has less than 128-bit encryption, you will be prompted to upgrade your Internet browser for increased security. Download the latest 128-bit encrypted browser for increased security below:
Can I change or hide my transaction categories?
To view or hide category descriptions within the account history view, select the green Hide Description/Category button at the top of the transaction list. To add or remove categories, select View Category List. To create your own custom categories, open the category dropdown menu and select Add New Category.
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