Your home is uniquely yours, part of your life's journey.

Your home is uniquely yours, part of your life's journey.

Searching for your first home?

Planning your dream home?

Thinking about using your home to finance renovations?

Looking to convert your home's equity into cash?

You've come to the right place.

Bank of Utah has a variety of mortgage options and services.
Combined with our competitive rates and friendly experts, we
can make sure your home is what you want and need it to be.

What Type of Mortgage Fits Your Unique Needs?



Evaluate and compare all of the various loan options to buy a home


Begin building your home or finance your lot


Rework your current loan to better fit your financial goals


Borrow part of the equity in your home as tax-free income

With a Bank of Utah Mortgage, You Can:

Close Quickly

With closings that typically happen in 15 days, depending on the loan

Work with Friendly Loan Experts

Who get to know you, and care about your financial and life goals

Suit Your Mortgage Needs

With a variety of loans, including first-time homeowners, conventional, refinancing and more

Streamline the Loan Application

With an online application process

Lock In Good Rates Early

When you close in a timely manner, you're in a better position to get a better rate

Access Mortgage Calculators and Tools

To help you get an idea of what payments will be as you make financial decisions

Ready to Get Started?

Bank of Utah has a team of mortgage loan officers in Cache Valley who can assist you with your mortgage needs.