Account Opening Checklist

To help you navigate the account-opening process at your local branch, here's what you'll need to have on hand:

✓ Two forms of identification:

  • ONE primary ID*: Driver’s license, state ID card, passport, military photo ID or other government-issued photo ID
  • ONE secondary ID: Social Security card, credit or debit card, account statement from another financial institution, insurance card, birth certificate, pay stub, current student ID, utility bill, union membership card, voter registration card, W-2, tax return or lease agreement

✓ Personal information:

  • Full legal name
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security number
  • Address (physical and mailing)
  • Phone number (cell, home and work)
  • Email address
  • Employer
  • Occupation

If you’re opening a joint account – an account shared between two or more people – you will need to provide the above personal information for each account holder. To complete the account-opening process, each account holder will need to be present to provide his/her two forms of ID and signature.

✓ A minimum deposit (amount depends on the account you choose)

✓ A security question and answer, to attach an extra layer of security to your account

✓ OPTIONAL: Beneficiary information, including the beneficiary’s full name, birthdate and address, to ensure your money goes where you want it to should you pass away.

*NOTE: If primary identification is less than 60 days old, address verification is required. Acceptable forms of address verification include:

  • Copy of lease agreement;
  • Utility bill
  • Car registration
  • Pay stub or tax return dated within the last 30 days
  • Bank or credit card statement dated within the last 30 days

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