Banking System Upgrade

At Bank of Utah, we are committed to providing you with the best possible banking experience. To that end, we recently completed a technology upgrade May 10-13 designed to further enhance security, improve online and mobile banking functionalities, and pave the way to innovative features.

Online and mobile banking are now available. Weekend debit card transactions will begin to post Monday, May 13.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during the upgrade process.

For more detailed information about the upgrade, including key features and changes, please refer to our frequently asked questions or our brochure.


Progress Updates:

Date/Time Details
Monday, May 13, 7 a.m.

Online and Mobile Banking have been enabled. As you access your accounts, please note that weekend debit card transactions will start to post over the next few hours. This marks the successful completion of our system upgrade.

Date/Time Details
Sunday, May 12, noon

We have confirmed our new system is functioning properly and is ready to process transactions. We will now spend the remainder of the day ensuring we are ready to receive payments from third parties, as well as preparing to enable online and mobile banking first thing Monday morning.

Date/Time Details
Saturday, May 11, 5 p.m.

Validation of our data migration is now complete. We are now focusing on verifying the functionality of our new system in preparation for normal business operation on Monday.

Date/Time Details
Saturday, May 11, 6 a.m.

Our data migration process has successfully concluded. Currently, our teams are validating account information and balances to ensure accuracy.

Date/Time Details
Friday, May 10, 6 p.m.

Our online and mobile banking services have been disabled, as planned, to facilitate the system upgrade. Our teams are now working to transfer your data from the old system to the new.

REMINDER: Your debit cards will continue to function normally throughout the upgrade.


Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q. Why is Bank of Utah conducting this upgrade?

A. Bank of Utah’s number one priority is to ensure our customers receive best-in-class service. With this upgraded system, we will be able to enhance your banking experiences by offering you the most up-to-date products and services — all delivered with the extraordinary customer care you have come to expect.

Bank employees have been working for over a year to prepare and test the various components of the upgrade, to ensure it will have only a minimal impact on you.

Q. What are the benefits of the upgrade?

A. This system upgrade will allow us to improve what we call our core processing system — a computer database that allows the bank to conduct transactions, process loan payments, calculate interest, manage customer data and more.

While many of the changes will happen behind the scenes, you will notice some new efficiencies. You’ll experience even faster service when you visit one of our branches, as the upgrade will allow our employees to streamline transaction processes. You’ll also get more personalized services and recommendations.

Q. When will the upgrade take place?

A. The system upgrade officially started at 6 p.m. Friday, May 10 and continued through the morning of Monday, May 13.

Q. Will I be able to visit my Bank of Utah branch during the upgrade?

A. Bank of Utah's hours will not be affected. We will maintain regular operating hours on Friday, May 10. We will be closed on Saturday and Sunday, May 11-12, and resume normal business hours on Monday, May 13.

Q. What services will be available on over the upgrade weekend?

A. The digital mortgage application, mortgage portal and consumer loan application are not part of the upgrade. You can access these any time.

You can also start the process of opening a new bank account over the upgrade weekend. Approved accounts will be opened Monday, May 13.

Q. Will anything be different when I come into a branch for service?

A. No need to worry, most things will be familiar when you visit a branch. To ensure a smooth experience after the upgrade and comply with regulatory requirements, we may ask you to verify some information upon arrival. This might include your full name, address, date of birth, Taxpayer ID or SSN, and a government-issued photo ID. Rest assured, this information is handled securely and solely for the purpose of completing your transaction. Your privacy and confidentiality are of utmost importance to us.

Access to Funds

Q. Will I have access to my money during the upgrade?

A. You will have access to your funds. However, some of our services, such as online and mobile banking, will be unavailable during the upgrade. For this reason, it is a good idea to be aware of your account balances and available funds prior to the upgrade.

You will be able to track our progress above, in the "Progress Updates" section.

Q. What if I accidentally spend more than I have in my checking account when I can’t check my balance? Will there be implications?

A. Spending more than what's available can result in overdraft fees or returned payments. Please check your available funds prior to the upgrade and only spend accordingly.

Q. Will anything change regarding overdraft protection after the system upgrade?

A. Yes, we're excited to introduce Bounceback Overdraft Forgiveness. This new feature can help eligible personal and business customers avoid fees in certain situations. For more details, visit

Q. Will my bank account number change after the upgrade?

A. Deposit and loan account numbers will not change.

You will, however, see a change in your safe deposit box account number, if you have one. This new number will be reflected on your statements starting in May. Your physical box number remains the same; you can continue using the box as you always have.

Q. Will there be any impact on my upcoming direct deposit scheduled during the upgrade timeframe?

A. There will be no disruptions to how direct deposits are processed. Direct deposits only post on business days.

Q. Will I still be able to use my checks during the upgrade?

A. Yes, you will be able to write checks during the upgrade. We will resume processing checks on Monday, May 13.

Online and Mobile Banking Availability

Q. Will I be able to bank online or in the mobile app during the upgrade?

A. No, online and mobile banking will not be accessible during the upgrade. We expect it to be back up by the morning of Monday, May 13. Updates will be posted above in the "Progress Updates" section.

Q. Will voice banking be available during the system upgrade?

A. Voice banking won't be accessible while we upgrade our system.

Q. Will my online banking user ID and password change?

A. No, these will remain the same.

Q. Will payments scheduled through Bill Pay be interrupted during the upgrade?

A. No, payments scheduled through Bill Pay will not be affected by the weekend system upgrade.

Q: Will Zelle® be available during the upgrade?

A. No, Zelle won't be accessible during the upgrade. Zelle is a feature integrated within online banking, so it will also be unavailable while online banking undergoes the upgrade.

Loan Payments

Q. I have a Bank of Utah loan payment scheduled for that timeframe. Will it be affected?

A. No, your loan payment will not be interrupted by the upgrade.

Q: Are there any changes to Bank of Utah loan payments after the upgrade?

A: Yes. Automatic payments on holidays/weekends will now be processed on the next business day. They were previously processed the business day prior to holidays/weekends.

Q: Are there any changes to the address where I mail loan payments?

A: While Bank of Utah accepts loan payments mailed to both of these addresses (both P.O. Box 231 and P.O. Box 431), we prefer mailed payments now be sent to P.O. Box 431, Ogden, UT 84402.

Debit Card and ATM Services

Q. Will my debit card continue to work during the upgrade?

A. Yes, your debit card will continue to work. However, you will not be able to check your balance in online or mobile banking or at the ATM. Please be sure to check your available funds prior to the upgrade, so you don’t spend more than you have in your account. If your account balance goes negative, it may result in overdraft fees or returned payments.

You will be able to see most of the transactions you made with your card when online and mobile banking is back online. Pre-authorizations, or temporary holds placed on your account before the upgrade, might not be reflected in your initial account balance. These transactions will still post within a few business days. This means you may experience a short delay in viewing certain transactions.

We will post the latest status updates regarding debit cards above in the "Progress Updates" section.

Q. Will any changes be made to my debit card after the upgrade?

A. For personal debit cards, no.

For business debit cards, yes. Starting Monday, May 13, the zip code linked to your business debit card will be automatically updated to your business zip code on file. This simplifies our internal processes and ensures consistency across the board.

This change might affect recurring payments you've set up with vendors or other entities if they rely on a different zip code linked to your current card. To avoid any disruptions, we highly recommend reviewing your existing payment arrangements and updating them with the billing zip code linked to your business debit card.

Important Note: To ensure a smooth transition during our system upgrade, please hold off on updating your zip code until on or after Monday, May 13.

Q. Will after-hour customer support for debit cards be available during the upcoming system upgrade?

A. Yes, after-hour debit card support will be available during this time, but with limited services. You can call 801-409-5000 (select Option 1 for debit cards) to report lost/stolen cards, enact travel rules or report fraud. However, limit increases and account access won't be available.

Q. Will I be able to use the ATM during the upgrade?

A. Yes. However, during the upgrade, your ATM receipts will not show an updated balance. Your updated balance will be printed on ATM receipts once the upgrade wraps up. Please see to track the progress of the upgrade.

Your transactions will continue to be fee-free at the branch ATMs and ATMs within the MoneyPass® network. Use the MoneyPass locator at to find the ATM nearest you.

Q. Can I make ATM deposits during the upgrade?

A. Yes, deposits can be made at Bank of Utah ATMs; however, there will be a delay in posting these transactions. Cash deposits will not be immediately available.

Account Statements

Q. Will I notice any changes on my statements?

A. Yes, your statements will look different and feature some enhancements, but your account information will remain the same. Transaction descriptions will also look different. You will see more information on ACH transactions and a “reject status” for any stop pays or transactions that require special handling.

Q. Will the upgrade affect my May statement?

A. Yes, all customers will receive two statements in May as a result of the upgrade. Every business and personal deposit account, including checking and savings accounts, will receive a statement ending May 10 and an end-of-month statement.

Q. What will happen to the statement cycle after the update?

A. Starting in June, all business and personal deposits accounts will move to an end-of-month statement cycle.

Q. Will I be able to view my previous statements in online banking after the upgrade?

A. Yes, your previous statements will still be available online.

Security During the Upgrade

Q. Will my account and financial information be safe during the upgrade?

A. Yes, keeping your personal data and account information secure and private is a top priority. The upgrade process will not compromise your information in any way.


We are here to help.

If your question didn't get answered or you'd like to discuss any detail about the upgrade with one of our banking professionals, please don't hesitate to reach out. We will happily talk to you in person or over the phone.

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