Stretch Your Savings with a Bank of Utah CD

For a limited time, enjoy a great rate on a Bank of Utah high-yield certificate of deposit.

1. Call 801-409-5000, or

2. Visit a Bank of Utah branch

Amount Basic Earnings Bank of Utah Special Earnings **
$100,000 $2,207 $4,186

* Annual percentage yield effective 8/11/2019 to 9/30/2019. Requires $100,000 minimum opening deposit, $1,000,000 maximum deposit. Must be new money not currently on deposit with Bank of Utah. Existing money in the Bank of Utah can qualify for 2.39% APY. Account is subject to early withdrawal penalty. Fees could reduce earnings. See an employee for further information about applicable terms and fees.
** Earnings are estimations only. Average standard earnings: 1.45% APY over 18 months. Bank of Utah earnings: 2.75% APY over 18 months.Contact a Bank of Utah representative for details.