Little Steps Add Up

Every journey is made up of small steps, and every goal reached is the result of a lot of little actions.
Whether you’re hoping to start a family, buy a home, or travel the world, Bank of Utah wants to help set you out on the right path. That’s why we provide you with a consolidated view of your finances—all within your online banking experience.

We give you effortless access to information like spending habits, debts, and trends revealed within your Bank of Utah accounts—and you’ll also be able to import other financial data, such as non-Bank of Utah account balances. You’ll have everything you need within one simple view, so that you can see the complete picture of where your finances stand.

You’ll get quick, easy-to-understand views of
- budgets
- spending
- net worth
- debts
- trends

There are no extra apps to install or additional tools to learn—everything is presented simply within your online banking session. All you need is right at your fingertips, making financial planning virtually effortless.

To learn how to turn small, simple steps into a bigger, better journey, talk to your Bank of Utah representative today.