Don't Let Your Home Equity Go to Waste!

Price Appreciation

Recent economic conditions may have helped increase the value of your home. Did you know, on average, homes in Utah appreciated more than 11% over the past 12 months?* That is 4th highest in the nation! Plus, over the past five years, Utah home prices have increased 46%!

Do you want to consolidate debt, make improvements on your home, take that overdue vacation or simply have a little more financial flexibility? A Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) from Bank of Utah opens the door to the equity in your home.

  • Quick and stress-free access to money
  • Typically a lower rate than credit cards
  • No withdrawal fees
  • Interest may be tax deductible**

Contact a Loan Officer at Bank of Utah to help you determine how much home equity may be available to you!

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Loans subject to approval, conditions may apply. Image source: Salt Lake Board of Realtors.
* According to the US House Price Index Report–2Q 2018 from the FHFA.
* *Please consult a tax advisor.