Bill Pay Conversion Information

Thank you for choosing Bank of Utah for your financial needs! We’re excited to announce an upgrade coming to Bank of Utah's online bill pay for consumers and businesses.

Online Bill Pay Updates:

  1. Payment Dates. The upgrade will provide a simplified process to select payment dates. The date that you select for payment is the date that the biller will be paid and the date that the money will come out of your account.
  2. Future access to Zelle®. This upgrade is the first step to provide access to Zelle, a nationwide person-to-person payment solution. With Zelle, you'll be able to safely and easily send money to people through Bank of Utah's mobile app - even if they don't bank with Bank of Utah. More details and timelines will be communicated when they are available.

Online Bill Pay Frequently Asked Questions

What is happening?
- The Bank of Utah will be changing their online bill pay provider so that we can offer more value and benefits to our customers.

What are those benefits?
- Bill scheduling and processing is easier and more intuitive.
- Payments are debited the day they are processed, not two days prior.
- There are more electronic payment options, which expedites payments.
- This starts the process for Bank of Utah to join the Zelle real-time payment network.

What should I do to prepare?
- Review all your payees and ensure payment addresses are correct.
- Review all your eBills (see eBill section below for more detail).

Scheduled & Recurring Payments

Will my scheduled and recurring payments transfer?
- Yes, with the exception of eBills, most scheduled and recurring payments will transfer.
- We do recommend you review all of your payees, and payments, so you know what payees you have in bill pay and what payments are scheduled/recurring.

What if I have a payment scheduled the week of the conversion?
- All scheduled and recurring payments will process the week of conversion.
- If you are concerned, you can cancel the payment and recurring payment schedule and schedule the payment after conversion.


What will happen to my current payees, payments, and eBills?
- Your current payees and payments will transfer to the new provider. This includes recurring and scheduled payments. However, eBills will not convert.

Will the new provider have eBills?
- The new provider does have eBills, but they may not be with the same billers as the previous provider. However, the new provider does have an eBill request form that will allow you to request a biller be added.

First Login after Conversion

How do I login after conversion?
- You will login into online banking and bill pay like you normally do.
- You will be asked to re-enroll, and accept the terms and conditions to use bill pay. This is required because it is a new company.
- Review all of your payees and scheduled/recurring payments to confirm that they are all present. If you do not see a payee, the payee will need to be added to the new bill pay system before a payment can be scheduled.

Additional Information

  • We will be converting six months of bill pay history from our previous system. If you need more than six months history, you will need to login to our current bill pay system to download this information. We will not have access to the information after conversion.

Additional updates and details regarding these upgrades will be sent in the future. If you have any questions regarding this upgrade, please contact us at 801-409-5000.