Bank Of Utah



With Telebank, account information and customer service are just a phone call away. A simple, automated phone system keeps you in touch 24 hours every day.

  1. To use Bank of Utah's Telebank system, call:
    Ogden: 801-394-9804
    Outside of Ogden: 800-394-9804

    For technical support:
    Ogden: 801-409-5074
    Outside of Ogden: 877-268-9322

  2. A recorded voice gives you options to access the system. If you are familiar with the system and know the option you need, you may press that option during the message.

    Main Menu OptionsPress
    Account information1
    Deposit and loan rates2
    Investment and loan calculations3
    Miscellaneous information6
    Customer service representative0
    End Call9

  3. For account information, the Telebank system will ask you to enter any of your Bank of Utah eight-digit account numbers, followed by pressing #. Then the system will require your PIN, followed by pressing #.

    Menu OptionsPress
    Checking account1
    Savings account2
    Certificate of Deposit3