Many media outlets have reported the large-scale internet vulnerability referred to as 'Heartbleed'. Please rest assured that your banking data is safe and secure. For more information about how Bank of Utah secures your information and how you can protect yourself online, click here.

Bank Of Utah
Notify Me Alerts
With Notify Me Alerts, monitoring your Bank of Utah accounts couldn't be easier!
Choose from 15 different alerts in three basic categories: account activity, messaging and security. By default, some messaging and security alerts are sent immediately. Account activity alerts are sent as they occur, and only if you have signed up for them.
You can receive alerts by email at your preferred email address or by text message on your mobile phone.
How to Set Up Your Alerts
To set up your alerts, log in to your online account and go to the Notify Me Alerts tab. You can subscribe to any of 15 alerts available. Using the edit options, select one or more destinations for your alerts. You can choose where you want alert notifications to go on an alert-by-alert basis.
Receive alerts via email: Using the Update Email Address link on either the Notify Me Alerts tab or the User Services tab, you can enter up to two email address. Alerts will be sent to the preferred address you choose
Receive alerts via mobile phone: To receive alerts via text message to your mobile device, use the Update Email Address link on either the Notify Me Alerts tab or the User Services tab. Enter your mobile phone number and click the 'Enroll' link. You will be required to enter a registration code that has been sent to your mobile phone. Once the registration code has been entered on the website, the phone will be enrolled.