Bank Of Utah
What's in it for the customer?
February 18, 2013
What's in it for the customer? This question guided Bank of Utah in its consideration of new technology. SVP Chief Deposit Officer at Bank of Utah, Craig Roper, discussed this topic with American Bankers Association (ABA) in response to Bank of Utah's decision to invest in a comprehensive technology for mobile banking solutions in an ever changing technology environment.
“Many businesses are still in the transitional phase, really grasping and taking on the technology," says Craig Roper. "We're constantly getting feedback for enhancing those tools, [such as] positive pay for their check processing, finding ways to protect them against ACH fraud, helping them understand how to better process their wires, how to collect their funds sooner,...and also help them manage their payables and their cash flow better."
"One of my biggest strategic pieces is making sure that the experience - whether you come into the branch, you're at the ATM, you're mobile, or you're online; however, you interact with us - the look and feel of everything you're doing is the same," says Bank of Utah's Roper.
“It's all customer driven," says Roper. "We hold focus groups and talk with our customers to find out what it is they like or don't like about our processes, and what we do, and what they need. From that it's really easy to go to your vendor or those that you are working with, or even the vendors that you're considering, and doing a comparison - to say, 'Okay, how do you match up? How are you going to deliver this for me?'"
To catch the entire article, go here. To learn more about Bank of Utah's process visit its Mobile Banking website.