Bank Of Utah
Bank of Utah is the First Bank in the State to Use MoneyDesktop to Power a More Robust Online Banking Experience for Customers
Ogden, Utah, September 26, 2012
Bank of Utah jumped ahead of the curve to provide its customers with one of the most robust online banking experiences that modern technology allows. The locally-owned community bank recently introduced a new Personal Financial Management service powered by MoneyDesktop that is free to its online banking customers. Bank of Utah is the first bank in the state to adopt the online platform developed by the Provo-based company that serves as a one-stop financial hub for its users.
Bank of Utah's new Personal Financial Management service securely aggregates all of a customer's accounts from various institutions (not just Bank of Utah), and provides powerful tools for expense tracking, budget creation, debt management and financial reporting, and a personal "guide me" function.
"Bank of Utah is very excited to be the first in the state to offer this cutting-edge technology that gathers basic financial information from all of our customer's different financial accounts, including 401ks, IRAs, and brokerage accounts, and organizes it into one place," said Craig Roper, Bank of Utah senior vice president and chief deposit officer. This new technology will truly simplify their lives.
"People commonly have a checking account and credit card from one bank and perhaps various retail store or national credit cards. Having financial information separated in multiple websites makes it more difficult to clearly understand all of your finances," explained Roper. "Bank of Utah customers are now able to easily track their spending from their various financial accounts, create a budget, and plan how to eliminate their debt.
"Our ultimate goal is to help our customers grow their wealth so they have money when they need it without creating unmanageable debt," added Roper. "Our new online Personal Financial Management service is the only tool that brings it all together to help our customers make that happen."
Scott H. Parkinson, Bank of Utah's senior vice president of marketing and communication said, "The new generation of bank customers increasingly expects and demands customized services that are accessible through tablets, lap tops and smart phones. This new best-of-class, robust, intuitive and secure system gives this technically savvy, but less financially literate generation exactly what they want and need to manage their money."
About Bank of Utah

Bank of Utah, soon to mark 60 years in business, was founded and organized by Frank M. Browning, an Ogden business executive. The bank officially opened for business on December 1, 1952 with 16 employees, and has grown to over 300 employees and $750 million in assets. The bank currently has 13 full-service branches along the Wasatch Front, mortgage offices in South Towne, Price, Logan and South Jordan and corporate trust teams in Ogden and Salt Lake City. Bank of Utah offers personal banking, business banking, home lending, trust management and investment services. For more information call 1-800-516-5559 or visit