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Our Mortgage Process
At Bank of Utah Mortgage Services, we process, underwrite and close your loan within the walls of our office. In-house administration of your loan file means we can ensure a quick, accurate and smooth process all the way to closing day.

Our Mortgage Process

Step 1
  • Customer completes application
  • Customer provides needed information to Loan Consultant. See the list
  • Loan Consultant reports back to Customer with pre-qualification amount
  • Customer finds and makes an offer on a home
Step 2
  • In-House Loan Processor sends good faith estimate and other disclosures to Customer
  • In-House Loan Processor receives preliminary approval from In-House Underwriter and contacts Customer with any conditions
Step 3
  • In-House Loan Processor orders appraisal and title work
  • In-House Underwriter contacts In-House Processor upon receipt of all documents and gives final approval
Step 4
  • In-House Closer prepares closing documents
  • Customer attends closing with Title Company and Loan Consultant
Bank of Utah has unrivaled experience with lending regulations and the local market. Discover a simpler, smarter mortgage experience.

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