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Bank of Utah specializes in a wide range of mortgage loan programs, including conventional loans, FHA loans, VA loan, Utah Housing loans, reverse mortgages, construction loans and first-time homebuyer programs. Though other lenders may offer these mortgage programs, you'll get a very different experience at Bank of Utah. There are reasons why we're one of the top mortgage lenders in Utah.

We know our stuff.

An experienced loan officer will make all the difference in your mortgage application process. There are many twists and turns to navigate and regulations to comply with. The Bank of Utah team of loan consultants has an average of over 15 years experience. What does that mean for you? A smooth application process, quick turnaround time and personal, expert service.

We invest in you.

We never forget what a mortgage is really about. It's not about paperwork and credit scores. It's about buying a home: achieving peace of mind, a sense of ownership, and your family's sheer excitement.

When we make a loan, we see it as an investment in the members of our community. We believe every family deserves a mortgage that suits their aspirations and their budget. That's why we'll always help you find the perfect program and ensure a seamless process. We want you to spend less time worrying about the mortgage and more time being excited.

We process your loan right here at the Bank.

Because Bank of Utah is a lender, we are able to maintain control of your mortgage loan from start to finish. When it comes to a mortgage, what difference does in-house processing make? Find Out

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