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FREE Identity Theft Recovery
One-on-one assistance to restore your identity
Identity theft happens to 1 in 23 Americans each year. The average identity theft victim will spend more than 80 hours trying to repair their identity, and a third will give up after a year of trying.
Partnering with IDSafeChoice, a leading identity recovery service, Bank of Utah provides ID theft assistance to our personal checking customers at no cost.
Should you fall victim to ID theft, contact us and we'll set you up with an IDSafeChoice recovery specialist.
ID Theft Recovery Specialists are available to help you with:
Preventative Assistance
  • If your wallet or purse is lost or stolen
  • If your home or mailbox is burglarized
  • If you find suspicious charges on any of your credit card or debit accounts
  • Anytime you suspect identity theft or need fraud assistance
Identity Theft Resolution
  • Unlimited personal assistance from your assigned specialist throughout the recovery process.
  • Direct assistance with filing a police report, plus a comprehensive case file to assist law enforcement and claim handling.
  • Preparation of all documents and phone calls needed to resolve identity theft, including placing credit file fraud reports.
If you suspect your identity has been stolen, contact a Bank of Utah customer service representative at 1-800-516-5559.
You will be contacted within 24 hours by a certified ID Theft Recovery Advocate who will complete an assessment of your case and create a specific Recovery Plan. Your advocate will continue to work in your behalf until all suspicious events and problems have been resolved.
For those who want comprehensive ID theft coverage, IDSafeChoicePlus offers all the benefits of the FREE IDSafeChoiceSM plan plus full annual credit reports, continuous credit monitoring, lost wage and expense reimbursement and more. Learn more
"I just had an amazing shopping weekend in Europe... or so my account showed. It was identity theft and I didn't know what to do. Then I remembered that my Bank of Utah personal checking account includes free ID Theft Recovery services!"

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