Fast, Fast, Fast Home Loans

Most financial institutions and mortgage lenders take more than a month to process a mortgage loan. At Bank of Utah, our process is built to service our customers in half the time.

What difference can it make? Cutting your processing time in half can give you:

  • A lower interest rate. You're in a better position to get the best interest rate possible if you can close quickly.
  • More negotiating power. When you can provide a swift loan close, the seller of a home may be more inclined to negotiate on price.
  • Availability to buy. A timely pre-approval letter signed by an underwriter can put you first in line when it comes to negotiating on short-sales and foreclosures.
  • Re-fi money faster. When pulling cash out of your home, our fast process will help you achieve that goal.
  • Access to living your dream sooner. Why wait for up to 60 days to move into your new home? We're ready to help you settle in quickly.

If you're ready to buy a home or refinance, the Bank of Utah mortgage team will help you close quickly and take advantage of record low mortgage rates.

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For more information about how fast Bank of Utah can process loans, give us a call at 801-409-5000 or find a loan officer.