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New Internet Banking
How to Use the Finance Center
The Finance Center is one of many new money-managing tools available through Internet banking at Bank of Utah!
Now you can create a combined summary of all your accounts at Bank of Utah and other financial institutions. Get a complete financial picture with one website, one password and one convenient screen! Log in now
With the finance center, you can:
  • Securely access your balance and transaction history from 8,000 available online accounts at more than 3,000 financial institutions.
  • Tally your rewards points from a possible 200 reward and mileage programs.
  • Get a summary of all your financial accounts, including checking and savings, credit cards, investments, loans, mortgages and rewards programs.
Setting up your Finance Center is easy! Just follow the steps below:
Register: Log in to Internet banking and click the Finance Center tab. You will be redirected to a signup page to complete the signup process. On the passcode verification page, enter your Bank of Utah Internet banking passcode and click Continue.
Add accounts: Your Bank of Utah accounts have automatically been added for you. To add an external account, click Add Another Account. In order for the system to connect with an external financial institution, you will need to provide the online account user ID and password for that institution. You can only add accounts in the Finance Center database (more than 8,000 accounts available).

Finance Center FAQ

How up-to-date is my financial information?
The Finance Center refreshes your external account information every 24 hours. You can also manually refresh it by clicking Refresh. This will provide the most current information available from the financial institution.
Is my account info secure?
Yes. Security is our number one priority with Internet banking, and your external financial information is no exception. We have created secure connections to our aggregating vendor to ensure that sensitive account information is protected by the strongest encryption methods. Read our security statement
Can I view both my business and personal Bank of Utah accounts?
Yes! Our business customers can now view business and personal accounts together through the Finance Center. To restrict a sub-user's view to business accounts only, go to the Cash Management tab and visit the Administration section. Then click Sub-User Administration to manage sub-user access.
What if I don't have a user ID and password for an external account?
You must have an online account with that financial institution in order to access account information. If you wish to create one, select the financial institution from the database and follow the link provided to visit its website and sign up for online access.
Why can't the system access my account?
The aggregation system can only obtain information from the institutions listed in the database. If your institution is listed, make sure your login information is correct. If you entered an invalid user ID or password, you will see an error message stating that your account could not be accessed. If you have changed your user ID or password at an institution's website, you will need to update this information in the Finance Center.
Why is my account 'locked'?
If you have entered an incorrect user ID or password, you may get locked out of your institution's website after three attempts. If you get locked out, you will see 'Account Locked' on the Financial Summary page. You will need to go to the institution's website to reset your account. Then go back and edit the user ID and/or password within the Finance Center.
Questions? Call our Internet help line 24/7 at (855) 896-0690, or contact us at (801) 409-5000, toll free (800) 516-5559 or