Senior Data Analyst Job Opening

Bank of Utah seeks a Senior Data Analyst in Ogden, Utah.



  1. Answer business questions and develop business data consumption stories and dashboards using Tableau with integration to R programming (language and environment for statistical computing and graphics) for deeper statistical analysis (45%)
  2. Extract and report data from IBM Cognos Business Analytics platform (20%)
  3. Construct and execute moderate to complex SQL queries and reviews data profiling results to discover semantics, patterns and value domains of data under analysis and, document existing and potential future data relationships for efficient data analysis (10%)
  4. Programming skills in R (language and environment for statistical computing and graphics) using statistical packages for analyzing large datasets to build algorithms for descriptive and predictive analytics (5%)
  5. Query data from Google Analytics for web traffic analysis (5%)
  6. Develops new and improves existing automation initiatives. Develops and prototypes, runs tests, and creates technical documents and manuals related to RPA (Robotic Process Automation) development and collaborates with business process designers throughout the RPA project lifecycle, from process design to testing and modification, and is involved in every step of the development process (10%)
  7. Use of Postman (Rest client) to connect data through API (Application Protocol Interface) to query data from 3rd party applications to analyze it in the Bank (1%)
  8. Build and maintain a quality assurance/development life cycle of data strategy in the Bank (1%)
  9. Create workflow diagram for data feeding from multiple sources to one system or vice versa (1%)
  10. Coordinate with different business units in the Bank to modify or adjust procedures to increase data integrity (2%)



  1. Masters in Information Systems, Business Analytics – Business Intelligence and Data Analytics or Business Intelligence with undergraduate degree in Finance, Economics, or Accounting
  2. Any certification from Tableau
  3. PMI Certification in Project Management
  4. Business Analytics Graduate Certification
  5. Coding skills in languages such as SQL and R
  6. Knowledge on IBM Cognos BI application
  7. SME of data gathering, cleaning, and transforming techniques
  8. Reporting and data visualization skills using Tableau (Tableau Certified)
  9. Understanding of data warehousing and ETL techniques
  10. Knowledge on Robotic Process Automation (Nintex RPA)

Qualified applicants may submit their resumes via email to