AmBank Conversion Status

We have begun the conversion of AmBank accounts to Bank of Utah. Please check this page for the current status of various services during the conversion.

Systems currently unavailable:

AmBank customers can now use all Bank of Utah systems


  • December 3 (7:00AM MST): All Bank of Utah systems are now active and available for use by AmBank customers. All AmBank systems and cards are now deactivated.

  • December 1 (4:55PM MST): We have completed the load of AmBank accounts onto Bank of Utah systems. We will now work the rest of the weekend to ensure our branches and online banking systems are ready for use on Monday morning. Bank of Utah online Banking users will now see pending activity again.

  • December 1 (2:25PM MST): We have begun the process to load AmBank accounts onto Bank of Utah systems. During this time, Bank of Utah online banking users will not be able to see pending transactions in online banking.

  • November 30 (5:00PM MST): AmBank online and mobile banking has been disabled. AmBank customers will be able to access their accounts using Bank of Utah online and mobile banking beginning on Monday December 3, at 7:00AM MST.

  • November 28 (4:30 PM MST): AmBank bill pay services have been removed. All payments scheduled for Nov. 28th, 29th, and 30th will process as scheduled. All payments currently scheduled for Dec. 1st or later will be canceled, and will need to be set up on Bank of Utah's bill pay site. AmBank customers should expect access to Bank of Utah bill pay beginning at 7:00 AM MST on Dec. 3rd.